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So.. not much.. XD

Oct. 5th, 2007 | 10:43 pm
location: Kolkata
mood: satisfied satisfied
music: Kimi no Soba de ~PopUp Barusaan~

Well, first of all, I'm a lot better now. I'm well.. back to school (never imagined it would be so fun to actually do so) after such a long "hiatus" to real life. LOL
In the meantime, I've gotten around to watch DP 47 and 48, not really all that much interesting. The clipshow had better music, but really missed out on any sort of "campfire scene" as an introduction of some sort. DP 47, well, focused on Mira and her Abra trying to retrieve a PokéBall from a building underwater. DP 49 and 50 aired yesterday, and focus on the contests, though I have yet to watch the episodes themselves.
Randomly reminded of Red after looking at the last entry. Not much up actually, even now. Our end-of-term reports are tomorrow, along with school, so.. yeah. Pretty much still idling and nothing really happening worthy of well writing here, to be perfectly honest.

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Stuck at home

Oct. 1st, 2007 | 09:45 pm
location: Kolkata
mood: sick sick
music: Together 2007

I haven't really been into social network all that much beyond IRC and forums, but I finally got around to making my MySpace account and this LiveJournal account. Not much up lately, I was stuck outside home due to a flood, and soon after, landed up with some strange sickness. ._.
Pretty much stuck at home, not much up, restarted a file on Pokémon Red after finding it again.. ^__^
It's killed my boredom for a bit, along with IRC and other things. I finally got around to read Bluntasaur's fic - Pokémon Academy!: Year One. It's kept me busy for a while aswell, and now it's got me waiting for the next chapter. Well I guess that's it for now...

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